Welcome to Renters Check where we help you choose good renters that will keep your rentals in good condition and keep other tenants/renters happy! 

We help many members ranging from landlords, rental company's, equipment rentals, to detective agency's, private detectives, and law enforcement.

Here at Renters Check we help you screen tenants/ renters for criminal records, address verification, moving history, payment history, employment, background, and much more. Did you know that about 75% of rental company's, and landlords do not know how, or do not have time to investigate their tenants. Many people will take advantage of this. This is where we can help. We can get the information you ordered back to you quickly online. Renters Check is owned by a former licensed detective agency that has been providing people with background checks, employment information, financial, and many other types of background screening. Let our experience as retired licensed detectives help you choose the best tenants for your rentals or property.

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What Can Renters Check Do For You!

  • Check applicants backgrounds.
  • Verify billing information, and employment.
  • Check applicants credit for late payments, collections, and more.
  • Check criminal records, violence, and domestic problems.
  • Check moving history (People that move alot may be a problem)
  • Check employment history, as well as current employment.
  • Check sex offender records, and known profiles.
  • Verify payment records, and history.
  • Verify social security number. (Show problems with SSN)
  • Check for AKA's, and other fraud alerts.
  • Check payment history with past landlords, and rental company's.
  • Trace to see if any applicants are violent.
  • And much more...

We can help anyone that rents anything to the public! This may include hotels, vacation rental homes, condos, apartments, heavy equipment, offices, homes, land, boats, vessels, tools, vehicles, dorms,  or anything that you rent to the public. Start now to be sure your property is in good hands.

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Features Of Renters Check Members Accounts.

  • Online delivery (See your reports online)
  • Print and view reports online.
  • Order reports on any applicants online.
  • Warning messages (Inform you of a problem with applicant record/s)
  • Detailed billing information.
  • Credit card, and pre payment options.
  • Online account updates.. Update address, password, and other info.
  • Print and save your reports online.
  • Warning messages for each report. (Alerts you of potential problems)
  • All searches and checks are performed by a licensed detective.
  • Renters Check is owned by a detective agency. (Best results online 2004)

Renters Check provides reliable screening for all landlords, rental company's, and other businesses. Whether you need a criminal records, moving history, eviction history Renters Check can help you screen your tenants accurate. We provide you with a full report on your tenant as well as warning messages that may show if a applicant has a criminal record, eviction history, abusive, sex offender, or many other reasons why you may want to decline their application. We will also send the applicant a letter stating why he or she was denied on the application if you ask us to do so.

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Samples of some products:
Applicant credit check.
SSN verify.
Moving history.
Tenant Address check.
Criminal background check.
Social security number trace.
Employment verification.
Eviction record check.
County criminal record.
Statewide criminal check.
Person index trace.
Address verification.
These above are only examples, and this is not our complete list of products available.
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